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Training MOTIVES

Although we appreciate rider inquiries for yearly stay, and trainers who have reached out for a year around training position, for now SSMX is a seasonal operation and offer occasional pop up training as well. 


Between the aspects of daily grind, in respective as a track, trainer, to rider, is based on mutual appreciation. Goal in regards of purpose, production, and performance, adhered.  We at SSMX invite riders here to strive in their personal goals. In order for this perspective to work means putting extra tedious time and care on and off the track.


In late fall-spring season, as well as select weekends, we consistently oversee and tend to the track as much needed. Although nonstop, but from past experiences, we see that our open public full groom/watered practice prep on the weekends is a great benefit for riders who are staying at SSMX. This being the track stays rough from the weekend warriors, and after gets even rougher from riders having the chance to train here during the week, creating race like conditions come early mid week, (this is why we will allow other public advanced riders to come during the week if they want to challenge themselves while having fun with ruts.) The track is touched up as needed during this time, safe but gnarly corners are kept, good faces, and of course hydration is key, avoiding as much dirt into dust outcomes, especially in Florida's hot sun.


Hey! Winter is where its at! Why? When the day starts from an early morning, nice untouched perfecta til, we been blessed with an influx of riders from all over the country, that makes for the perfect red clay mega rut practice towards mid day.  From seeing so many riders traffic through here in live time, the lines, ruts, breaking bumps to corners form different every time. It is the possible idea of different bike sizes, style, and all levels of riders that come from their terrain. Like an all day buzz full of fire energy. 

Well with all that being said, our time is valuable to what we choose to care about, have respect, and vulnerability for. Whether it be the work we offer, or what we like to put out there, for us it is solely for the love of (playyyin....) working with dirt and dirt bikes - inspiration. We like to keep a training program with options open and variety offered,  with a minimum of trainers/riders cap. We will only accept interested trainers that align with SSMX intentions and ethics. Not only asking USMCA certified coach, but dedicated, consistent, professionally straight to business, making future moments, all around good vibes and connections. 

(Please note: For true beginners, we recommend that you to link up with a trainer and their availability, possibly get some one on one time during after hours. We don't recommend beginner riders to come to a weekend of open public practice, especially if they never ridden a dirt bike or been to Sunshine before. If you only have free time on the weekends please ride the mini track if you want to get your feet wet. There is a possibility you may have some time to practice on main track towards the end of the day. Proper gear is mandatory. Helmet and boots is a must. ) Thank you.

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