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Sponsor Ride Day, March 30th

ALL is welcome and invited for a nice weekend of open practice.

Friday Gates Open 4pm-10pm.

(No spectator fees.)

Please come to barn window if you need an RV spot,

there is no fee to dry camp. 


Don't forget to head over to the barn window anytime

to purchase raffle tickets at $10 ea.

if you want to increase your winning chances!


Saturday Gates open 8am

Barn Window for waivers/wristbands, sign up starts 8:30/9am

Prepped Practice 10-3pm $40 or $30 for members 

(Top 3 finishers for recent races, please read bit further below.)

Idea of Practice Order

(May change on day of):




50's and Beginner riders (No big bikes.)


3:30 pm ANY age Easter Egg Hunt (Small kids go first.)

Look for the hidden Gold Eggs!

4 pm-Sponsor raffles/Prizes announced by barn window 

Sunday Open Practice 10-2pm 

Thank you for stopping over and sharing some good vibes!!!


ALL racers that raced Sunshine's Fastest, and 

Vintage (Modern Bikes only),

has been automatically entered into our sponsor giveaway.

1 raffle ticket per class.

All Top 3 finishers (with minimum of 7 racers in each class you raced)

are invited for gratis practice on this day! 


Random tickets will be picked out of the roller cage

and winners announced!

We would like to invite all other Sponsors /vendors to come on over set up and join the fun!

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Mx Rider/Racer SPONSORS & RAFFLE (March 30th)

KTM and Gas Gas of South Georgia will have a display of Factory Edition bikes, Honda CRF 450R and somE mini's, so come over and gawk at em!

Boss Mx family and sponsors is coming to hang, set up with some goodies and snow cones!

Next Boss Race at Sunshine, April 13-14th, contingency is offered to KTM, GAS GAS, HUSQVARNA, and YAMAHA!

(Thank you to sponsors, mx people, series, and local tracks involved for your support, making this weekend even more fun by bringing the motocross families, friends, the future of our youth to the long time legends, sharing some good growth together.)

All racers will have automatically receive raffle tickets for each race class they signed up for Sunshine's Fastest Race. Everyone, even if not racing can score some good stuff and get them or their Mx people some raffle tickets! ($10 a ticket.)

(Outside riders, even riders that did not race are welcome to come have a good weekend of practice and get in on some sponsor prizes.)

Increase your chances and buy $10 per ticket to score some MORE sponsor goodies!

(Riders that did not race, may also purchase tickets as well.)

Below sponsor winners will be announced Saturday, March 30th!

1 Renegade race fuel/Jug/Bike stand

$100 Ethikas gift card

$50 Everything Dirt

$50 EVS gift card/ Socks
/ Gloves

$50 Sunstar

 1 FXR gear set 
/ Sun hats/ Swag

22 Graffix- 1 Set of Bike graphics

SPY- Choice of Goggles/Helmets/ Sunglasses  (3 Separate prizes)

Racer X Shirts and headwear 

Twin air- Sprays/ Hex Keys/ Maintenance kit

Odi Grips big and small bikes

Twisted Throttle Merch

Acerbis- Hand Guards

KTM and Gas Gas of South Georgia-Extra goodies

Ryno Power

Sunshine-Dirt Star Swag set
Sunshine- 1 season of free open practice (Nov-March, 2025.)


(Please check tracks schedules regarding their open practices. 

Expires 1 year from March 2024.)

1 Open practice to Deckers Training Facility

1 Open practice to Mx191

1 Open practice Motobros

1 Open practice to Okefenokee Mx

1 Open practice to Waldo 

1 Open practice to 74Mx




Please note: You do not have to be present on this day even if your ticket is called and you win, we will make a live post of winning tickets, that will be randomly picked out of a roller cage, and announced on social media as well. Some prizes can be mailed or picked up at the track!)

Thank you for the support of the fun, please share and tell them MX people!!! 



Sunshine Bucks 

If you scored some Sunshine bucks, this may be used towards Membership, 

Other future races like Sunshine Vintage/Modern Bikes, Boss Mx, and FL MX Series at Sunshine/ RV / Gate fees / Practice / Merch. But excludes race classes. You may also gift to other riders.) Please Note if you would like to use your bucks for RV or gate fees, please give advance notice so we can add you on the list and mark correctly. Thank you!




Dont forget your trunks! 
Saturday slide 1:30pm-dark
(Dont miss Gold Egg hunt at mini track 3:30
and raffles near barn window at 4pm)
Sunday slide 12-dark
Monday too! 

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