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PAY TO PLAY, they say.
(General Info.) 

February 17-18th, 2024 (Tentative)



Data and dues:

Saturday 9-1pm Groomed/Organized practice, ($30 for all racers.) 

1pm- track touch up

 1:30pm- 2 Moto format racing to follow..

(All 50cc / Mini-E (4-6) and Vet Warriors/Vet Open will practice to race on shortened track.)


Friday Gates open at 9am- ungroomed open practice from 10-2pm. ($40 non-members.)


Saturday and Sunday, Gates open 6:30am-locked at 10pm. 


You may sign up early in person for Saturdays full groom practice and racing.  

Sign up starts 7am on Saturday for your organized practice stickers and Saturday/Sunday race classes.

(Organized practice is from 9am-1pm) $30 (2-3 rounds.)


You may sign up early online for your race classes, but please come to the barn window to fill out all necessary waivers and finish any final registration details. Early in person registration is open Saturday, 7am-12pm, and or Sunday morning 6:30am at the red barn by podium/main mx track.

Race entry is $35 per class. 


GATE/one time Spectator fees- (Must have wristband on you all weekend.)

Wristbands are nonrefundable, damaged wristbands are not replaceable

Thank you,

$25 good from Friday-Sunday

$25 Saturday-Sunday

$20 if you arrive on Sunday

(Children under 5 not racing is free.) 

Must be 18+ to ride Pit Vehicles, SLOW speed to and from track.

Golf Cart/Pitter stickers for ride around/transportation use is $10.

Rv plug ins based on availability, first come first serve. $100 and Dry camp is $20 for the weekend.


Saturday Races to start soon after practice, Track touch up 1pm, racing around 1:30pm-4:30pm.

Race classes below (2 Moto format):

1.) Vet Warrior/ Vet Open

2.) 51cc Shaft Dr (4-6)

3.) 85 Open (10-14)

4.) 51cc stock Open (4-8)

5.) Unlimited C/D

6.) Girls JR (9-13)

7.) Mini-E (4-6)

8.) 65 Open (7-11)

Saturday Evening Events 5pm to dark... 

 The Good Intentions Live Band (mx riders) is back to play some good music! 

Free SIGN UP clipboards for Stacycs, one wheels/segways, bmx, Pit bikes racing will be out all day, under EVS tent on mini track. Top 3 winners will win Sunshine State Mx gift certificates.) 

First and Second round Wintertide Trophies to top 5, given out at the barn after all races finish. 

$10 sign up per rider for Stacycs, pit bikes, bmx/segway and one wheel racing.  (Spy Optic prizes.)

SPY Optics will be prizing top 3 rippers sunglasses, goggles, and winter helmets! (To riders who sign up for $10.)

Sunday-2 Site lap Practice into 2 moto race format!

$35 per race entry

$40 per race entry for 100% payback to OPEN $, 250A, and 450A

Church service 7:45am/ Riders meeting 8am/ 2 lap practice, Anthem/Race to follow.

Expect brief noon intermission for any track retouch/water if needed.

Race results will be posted behind the Sunshine State Mx podium by barn. 


Sunday Race Classes (2 Moto Format):


Mini-E (4-8)

51cc stock JR (4-6)

51cc stock open (4-8)

51 stock SR (7-8)

Girls  (11-16)

Women 14+

65cc (7-9)

65cc (10-11)

85cc (9-11)

85cc (9-13)

Super mini (12-15)

Super mini (13-16)

Mini SR(12-14)

Mini SR (13-15)

School Boy 1 (12-17) B/C

School Boy 2 (12-17) B/C

College Boy (16-24)

125 All Stars (12+)

250 A $

250 B

250 C

450 A $

450 B

450 C


Plus 25+

Plus 30+

Plus 35+

Plus 40+

Plus 45+

Plus 50+

Plus 60+


(Any last minute notices will be posted on social media.) Follow Sunshine State MX on all social media outlets- More specificities to come!


Water available to fill on site, public restrooms and shower houses as well. 
T&T BBQ Restaurant located on property, open Friday and Saturday. 

Specific times and detailed flyers may be picked up at gate entrance or registration window at the barn, and evening event times will be on sign up clipboards under EVS tent on mini track.
(Depending on how many signs up, we may or may not run the class,
and may run more then one round, split into appropriate age/sizes, will be determined on day of.   


Saturday and Sunday Concessions open 7am all day. Located on other side of mini track.

(Please note on Sunday, Mini track will be open only for free ride Stacyc bikes, pw, e-bikes.
No other bigger bike sizes and NO PIT BIKE RIDING,

Please keep an eye on your child at all times and be mindful of other riders on the track,
give some time and take some turns.)


Expect brief noon intermission for any track retouch/water if needed, as well as breaks for all staff.
Race results will be posted behind the Sunshine State Mx podium by barn. No matter how you finished or long your day went... don't forget these are them little parts, of a time in your life. So take a podium photo, we all here would love to be part of it! 

Thank you!

Public bathrooms (Not portables.)
Bathhouses also available on property.


(Please Note: we support all Mx related vendors to come and do what they love, ride/race/sell and support. At no extra costs to vend, but gate/spectator fees will be asked. )

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