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SSMX Fall -Spring 2024

A bit of the jist...

Join us for some Sunshine this winter, whether it is for open riding, training sessions, and or racing, lets set the track ablaze! If you haven't already sent over your email, do, do it now! We send "not to miss emails," with all the specificities only a few times a year! Elaborate info will also be posted on all social media platforms; to be expected days before the actual moment! RV SPOTS are limited and at first come first serve, unless you have reserved in advance. Daily, weekly, monthly options based on availability.  Thank you.


LIMITED SEASONAL MEMBERSHIP CARDS: are a one time fee of $25.

Not only does the membership makes sense for the avid riders of repetitive Sunshine supporters, it is sensible for the occasional weekend warriors, and yes even for the experienced off the couch riders that practice just a few times a month, during our 6-8 months operation.  

$30 daily, $40 for non-members on any public practice day.

Expect riders to open ride and break in the track, depending on number of bikes and sizes we may split practice into groups, and always have eyes on the track. 

August-September, 2023

Track spruce and machine maintenance. 


October, 2023

Dirt moving and occasional open public weekend practice. (Prepped and groomed.)

November, 2023

OPEN occasionally for practice during the week and weekend for public riding, and optional training offered. 

Riders are welcome to rv and or dry camp before their way down to Minio's at Gatorback, (about an hour south.) 


December, 2024

Spend your holiday break and ring in the new year riding with us, 2024!  5TH Annual SUPER NOVA fireworks fun, mini track racing, live band, dance and karaoke fun! Just some good ole times with the Moto people, but especially with the little rippers, lighting up the night sky! 


January-March, 2024  

February 24th-25th- Dirtstar "Sunshine's Fastest"

March 17th- Sunshine State Vintage Race 

April 14th- Boss Series

May 19th- Florida Motocross Series

We will be open for Full prep practice weekends, open for some ungroomed ride days during the week, full swing with training, and RACES will be a happening! Like years past... riders land from their terrain space, in a solar's day, lined up to launch, and sometimes like comets collide, causing battle dents and what nots, yet only some of brightest stars continue to burn, just the way the sun shines, full of fiery and flame, and this calls for an astronomical weekend! 

February, 24th-25th 2024

Link below to sign up for Sunday classes.

April - June 2024

Track will be less trafficked during this time, and will be open certain days during week for extended hours and also offering 2 days a week training geared towards beginners/novice riders, as well as small bikes. 


Occasional weekend open practice and private use. 

Boss Series- April 13th-14th

Florida Motocross Series - May 18-19th

July-September 2024

Possible occasional weekend open practice and private use. 

(Machinery, track maintenance projects.) 

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