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Track Guidelines:

The purpose is for all riders/spectators to have a good and safe time at Sunshine State Mx. 


Any person who violates these rules will be asked to leave and not return in the future.

  1. Riders that do not sign in and sign all appropriate waivers are considered a trespasser. Do not go out on the track without signing in. Do not be difficult, if you show up late on any days we state that we are open for practice to a certain time, don’t expect us to close later for you or ask for your money back. We will always post our current days and hours open so there should be no confusion. You may reach out directly and we may work something out.

  2. Riders under the age of 18 years old must sign a minor release form with a parent/legal guardian.

  3. All riders must wear appropriate, protective gear including helmet, boots, goggles, chest protector.

  4. All pets must on a leash at all times, please pick up after your pet. If your pet causes any serious injury to any person or can’t be controlled, you will be responsible.

  5. 1st gear only when riding outside of track. Please do not tear up the grass. Do not ride pit bikes outside of mini track. Parents please supervise your children, and remind them, mini track only. 

  6. Parents are responsible for children to be aware and follow the track rules. ALL NOISE LEVEL DOWN BY 10PM.

  7. No climbing or vandalizing any where that is on or belongs to the property or other people's belongings. 

  8. Please keep public restrooms/showers clean and use accordingly. Our cleaner comes once a week., and daily on race weekends.  

  9. No firearms or dangerous items are permitted at SSMX.

  10. No littering. If you see trash on the ground, please help us by picking it up. We do our best to keep facility trash free. 

  11. Do NOT dump oil, gas, or any chemicals- It is illegal to dump on the ground. 

  12. All golf cart, pit vehicles slow speed only and must sign a release form at sign in. All drivers must be of legal driving age and show proof of license.

  13. Only enter the track from designated entrance. Do not cut the track or any where else. 

  14. SSMX crew has the right to ask you to exit the track if you present a danger to yourself or others. If there is any disagreements all involved will be ask to leave or law enforcement will be called if further action is needed. 

  15. Sunshine is not responsible for stolen or missing items. Please lock your possessions up at all times. 


We welcome feedback, any questions or suggestions is always a plus, reminder bad vibes aren’t fun, if you’re not feeling good please stay home.  Again we do appreciate your time spending it at SSMX! Until next time for some more sunshine and dirt times. Thank you.

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