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DirtStar SsMx 

Come drop in or stay awhile this winter 2024, race, capitalize, hit pay dirt, and repeat!

Links below to sign up for Saturday and Sunday classes.



Striving for more than an expected local race,
every moon lander mostly makes it!

Here is a fun chance to race not only local riders but riders from all over!

ALL Bikes sizes and skill level!

Test it!

February 17th-18th, 2024 (Tentative)

Saturday- ($30) Groomed/Organized practice 9-1pm 

Saturday- 1pm track touch up/Racing begins 1:30-4:30pm

Race classes below (2 Moto format):

1.) Vet Warrior/ Vet Open

2.) 51cc Shaft Dr (4-6)

3.) 85 Open (10-14)

4.) 51cc stock Open (4-8)

5.) Unlimited C/D

6.) Girls JR (9-13)

7.) Mini-E (4-7)

8.) 65 Open (7-11)

(Trophies to top 5 can be picked up at the barn after Saturday evening events, or next day on Sunday along with other extra merch of choice from FXR, EVERYTHING DIRT, RACER X, NOVIK GLOVES and DIRT STAR SSMX SWAG STUFF!)

Saturday Evening Events 5pm....

Free SIGN UP clipboards for Stacycs, one wheels/segways, bmx, Pit bikes racing will be out all day, under EVS tent on mini track. Top 3 winners will win Sunshine State Mx gift certificates and ETHIKAS.) 

First and Second round Wintertide Trophies to top 5, given out at the barn after all races finish. 


Sign up per rider for Stacycs, pit bikes, bmx/segway and one wheel racing.  (Spy Optic prizes.)

SPY Optics prizes to first place rippers sunglasses, goggles, and winter helmets! Second and Third will get SSMX Dirt Star gift certificates and extra goodies!!!

(Any last minute notices will be posted on social media.)

Follow Sunshine State MX on all social media outlets- More specificities to come!

Race classes (Racing Saturday and Sunday, to sign up on each day, please check race ready links.)
*100% PAY Back to Open $ CLASS*
Pay back to 250A and 450A

Mini-E (4-8)
51cc stock JR (4-6)
51 stock open (4-8)
51 stock SR (7-8)
Girls  (11-16)

Women 14+
65cc (7-9)
65cc (10-11)
65cc Open (7-11)

85cc (9-11)
85cc (9-13)
85cc Open (10-14)

Super mini (12-15)
Super mini (13-16)
Mini SR(12-14)
Mini SR (13-15)
School Boy 1 (12-17) B/C
School Boy 2 (12-17) B/C
College Boy (16-24)

250 A $
250 B
250 C
450 A $
450 B
450 C

Plus 25+
Plus 30+
Plus 35+
Plus 40+
Plus 45+
Plus 50+
Plus 60+
Saturday Classes:
*Mini-E (4-7)*
* PW Shaft (4-6) *

*51cc stock open (4-8)
* 65cc Open (7-11)*

* 85 Open (10-14)*
* Girls (9-13)
* Unlimited C/D*

Link below to sign up for Saturday Classes:

Link below to sign up for Sunday classes:

Classes to practice/race on shortened track:
51cc / Mini-E / and 
Vet Warriors/Vet Open

5 Racers per round will be randomly picked for waived 1 practice fee. (Thanks to our sponsors.)
Top 5 trophies to all classes and extra Sunshine swag per round to top 3. Top 3 will hop on the podium, post a clip or photo of their bike and sponsor shout outs! All trophies are picked up on Sunday at the barn registration window.

All top 5 winners in all classes are invited back for an Easter fun, and free ride day! 


Pit Bike/ Surfboard/SPONSORS Raffle


Tickets sold until April 8th! 

$25 per ticket for pit bike

$50 per ticket for surfboard


An extra free ticket for each race class  and every round you sign up for.

 Everyone, even if not racing can score some good stuff and get them or their Mx 

people some tickets! 

(Venmo is also accepted.)

(If we don’t reach 1k for the surfboard, we will refund all your money.) 


Saturday, April 8th is our free ride day to all top 5 winners that have raced any of the 3 rounds. 

We will also host our annual Easter egg hunt for all ages on this day as well. 

Raffle winners will be randomly picked on this day as well. Along with our other series sponsors giveaways!


$10 per ticket to score some sponsor goodies! 


2 tickets to Atlanta Supercross / fan fest and parking included

A bunch of Novik gloves

3 Renegade race fuel of choice/ Jugs

1 FXR gear set of choice

22 Graffix- Bike graphics

$100 EVS gift card/ Socks

SPY- 2 Goggles/2 Helmets/2 Sunglasses

A bunch of Everything Dirt Swag

Racer X Shirts and Sun hats

Twin air- Sprays/ Tire Gauge/ Hex Keys

Odi Grips big and small bikes

Sunstar- Sprocket/ Spray

Acerbis- Hand Guards

Cases of Rock Stars

Gas Gas of South Georgia-Extra goodies

Sunshine-Dirt Star Swag set and gift certificates!


 (Please note: you do not have to be present on this day even if you win, 

we will make a live post and winning tickets will be announced on social media as well. Some prizes can be mailed or picked up at the track!)

Thank you for riding Sunshine!

The ride vibe of livin land and sea. Maybe one day soon we can raffle a ride to the moon! 🏝🌑


To our avid pit bikers and friends of pit biker supporters,  win a  brand new 110 from @gasgas_of_south_georgia. Take a chance, get as many tickets for $25 ea, better yet if you’re racing any mains on Saturday and or Sunday, and yes even the Saturday eve pit bike races, you will receive an extra ticket as well. The more races you sign up for, the extra ticket for that class. (Including racers that raced first round and second round.)


The one of a kind and the only one in gray, made only 3 limited edition boards from Spy, and we are giving one of them away- the “Fierce Champion XZM Mach 5 Twin Fin.” The skill, energy, and effort one puts into shaping a board is priceless. So much time for timeless piece. Tickets will be sold for $50. If you’re racing we will throw in an extra ticket to better your chance.  If we don’t reach 1k for the board by and on our free ride day- we will refund your money. 


 PIT BIKE AND SURF BOARD WINNERS WILL BE PICKED OUT of a TICKET ROLLER CAGE ON THIS DAY. (Recorded Live on social media and in person.) OTHER AWESOME RAFFLES INCLUDING EXTRA SWAG, FUEL, GEAR, GEAR, GOGGLES, PRODUCTS, GRAPHICS, and GIFT CARDS FROM OUR SPONSORS. You do not have to be present on this day to win any of the prizes. We will post lucky winning ticket numbers on social media if you can’t make this day. Depending, it is possible to mail or you may come pick up your goodies.) 


Tickets will be sold at races, and or online up anytime until the day of our free ride in April. Tickets will also be available to purchase for prizes from our other sponsors at $10 a piece.  Everyone, even if not racing can score some extra goodies and get them some tickets! (Venmo is also accepted.) Thank you for the support of the fun, please share and tag them MX people!!!

(Please Note: we support all Mx related vendors to come and do what they love, ride/race/sell and support. At no extra costs to vend, but gate/spectator fees will be asked. Thank you!)

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