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BOSS is headed to Sunshine State Mx Park for Round 3!

  • Reminders: (Shower house/Restrooms on site.)

  • Please message Sunshine State Mx Park on Facebook to reserve a hookup ($25 non-refundable deposit.)  If you have already reserved a hookup PLEASE message us to clarify rig length & amp needed! Remainder of $75 cash to be paid at the gate. Thank you


    • BOSS or Sunshine Membership is not required to race, Boss membership IS required for year end awards/banquet & Surron Giveaway ($25/each or $50/family 2 or more)                                    If interested, see us anytime Saturday.


    • Contingencies with Yamaha, GasGas, KTM & Husky                 

  • • Rocky Mountain Race Gas, 1 credit per event per rider.       

Pack your swim trunks because the weather looks good,

we will have a water slide!


• FREE snow cones after Saturday practice & intermission Sunday.


• Pit bikes in 1st gear only when being used for transportation.

Saturday, No pit bike riding from 10-2pm, only Stacycs, other wheels riding on mini track.

Pit bikes will be allowed Saturday on mini track from 2:30-7pm, please no pit bike riding on

Sunday, but other wheels allowed. (Parents, please supervise your children)

• The Moto Stop & Pro Action Suspension & Becks Tech on site all weekend.


• Drone guy will be at Sunshine! Get with David Ayer before the start of the race Sunday and

give him your riders name/number/race # so he can get some awesome footage!

• Anyone under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present.


• If you are told to / or X your number please make sure its done on all number plates.                                                                              2 bikes with the same number causes scoring issues.


• If you are signing up for the D-class (beginner) please make sure you are actually a beginner. This is a monitored class and we will move you up (with last place points) if riders skills or sandbagging comes into question.


• Race signups toward the end of practice Saturday then again at 7am Sunday. Please try and sign up asap. Waiting till the last minute to signup makes posting race order & starting race take longer!


• Boss will have giveaways during the riders meeting.                                                                                                                                       In order to be entered you must be signed up for racing prior to the riders meeting.

See Flyer for all fees, details on Sunday Schedule. All practice / race order/ results will be posted on back of Sunshine Podium.

Saturday Practice order:
1.) Open Big Bike 125cc & Up

2.) 85cc / Supermini

3.) Vet / Women

4.) 51cc (4-6) / (7-9) / Open
(Shortened Track)

5.) Big Bike Beginner 125cc & up

6.) 51 Shaft PW / Mini-E (Shortened Track)

7.) 65cc

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